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Simply Seller's Resources

1.   Pricing Your Property: Emotion versus Logic

Pricing you property for sale is most important. Once you decide to sell your home, you want it sold as quickly as possible and for the most amount of cash equity from the sale of your property as you think it's worth. Although selling your home can be an emotional decision, pricing your home should not. Determining the fair market value of your home should be done with a statistical approach. Simply call Helen for your comprehensive market analysis to determine the value of your home.


2.   When selling your home, it's important to show your property at its best.

1. Keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

2. Keep the air smelling fresh.

3. Have sufficient lighting.

4. Keep valuables away.

5. Clean out your closets.

6. Keep pets outside or off the property if possible.

7. Use an experienced realtor.

8. Leave your home when an agent has a showing.

9. Keep clutter away.

10. Make sure your home is sparkling clean.

       3.  Be prepared for information your agent will need to sell your home.

1. What do you pay in property taxes and when are they due?

2. How much does it cost to heat and cool your home?

3. What do you pay for gas and electricity?

4. What do you pay for water and who supplies it?

5. How old is your roof, water heater, furnace and plumbing system?

6. How old are the appliances and will they stay in the house?

7. Do you have any guarantees or warranties on appliances or components of the home, such as siding or roofing, and are these warranties transferable?

8. Are there any fees for municipal or private services, such as garbage, etc?

9. Is your house located in a flood plain? What kind of insurance is required?

10. Have you ever had problems in the basement or through the roof?

11. Is a copy of the survey or floor plan available?

12. Do you have a copy of the Condominium Documents? (if applicable)

13. Are there any special assessments? If so, what are they and when are they due?

14. Have you filed for a homestead exemption?

15. Are there any Homeowners Association (HOA) dues? Who is the HOA management contact? What are the fees and when are they due? Are the fees transferable?

16. If the property is being sold as an investment property, provide a copy of the tenant's lease. (where applicable)

17. What services are available for communications? Cable, wireless, satellite. Is the house wired for cable access to the Internet?

Do you have well or a septic system? Can you provide information about the inspector and the last time inspected?